WANTED: Indie Music Buddy

I love music. Especially cranking it with headphones. It’s like there is a little musician directly in my ear, singing directly to me. It allows me to slip into my own world. It gives me chills and reminds me that I’m alive.

I’m always looking for people with similar music tastes. Singer/songwriters are my favorite. I like discovering new musicians and spreading the word to friends, who then also love them. I also like recommendations, scruffy voices, and beards.

Here is a list of albums, in no particular order (but kind of in order), I would save if my house were burning down and there was no replacement available:

  1. Rachael YamagataHappenstance
    Holy crap, give this girl a hug! Her voice is like sad Heaven. You make me cry every time. I can’t get enough.
  2. Ray LaMontagneTrouble
    This guy might be incapable of smiling, but I’m totally addicted to his sadness. Don’t ever shave that beard.
  3. Hozier – self titled album
    It doesn’t get much better when I hear From Eden or Cherry Wine.
  4. Eric HutchinsonSounds Like This
    This album is totally rocking, all the way through.
  5. Blind Pilot – 3 Rounds and a Sound
    Mello, but also toe tapping.
  6. James MorrisonUndiscovered
    Thanks, James, for reminding me that guys have feelings, other than those about getting the girls into bed. This Boy really is awesome.
  7. Lumineers – self titled album
    Ho Hey, hell yes.
  8. Schuyler FiskSongs for Now, the demo that grew into The Good Stuff (I like the demo better than the final recordings)
    Hey Schuyler, you are good stuff.
  9. John MayerHeavier Things
    Okay, it’s kind of embarrassing. I don’t usually have music love affairs with such mainstream people. Please don’t judge me.
  10. Joe PurdyTake My Blanket and Go
    Talk about sad. I think you take the cake. Does that make you smile? Please don’t commit suicide. Remember, I would save you from a fire.
  11. City and ColourBring Me Your Love or Little Hell (whichever I found first would due)
    Paired very nicely with Blind Pilot.
  12. Kate NashMade of Bricks
    You are badass, girl, and totally cute while doing it! When I have too much sad, I throw this album and I remember that I’m not the only awkward girl in the world. Suddenly, I’m tapping the crap out of my foot, and before you know it, I’m rocking out and dancing around the house. Pumpkin Soup cheers to you!
  13. Cold War KidsRobbers & Cowards
    Again, thank you for not making an album that doesn’t sound like suicide. It’s like a messy accident that worked out perfectly.
  14. Modest MouseBad News for People Who Love Good News
    This album is freaking amazing. And super weird. Totally amazing.

You probably wondered why I stopped at 14. Why not just go to 20 or even 15? Well, how much stuff do you think I can grab when my house is on fire? Geez. If I had a little more time, like a flash flood, then I could grab something from these guys:

  1. Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
  2. Of Monsters and Men
  3. The Head and the Heart
  4. Phoenix
  5. Little Hurricane
  6. Mumford & Sons

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