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Stop Light Photography

Think how much of our lives are wasted from waiting. We wait at stop lights while trying to cross the street, for trains to commute, at the deli ready for lunch, and at the store while running errands. It occurred to me, one day while waiting to cross the street, that all this wasted time could be used more productively, so I decided that it’s the perfect time to record life and my surroundings. This is my collection in progress.




2015-07-11 11.14.57-1

2015-07-11 11.14.24-1

2015-07-23 12.19.50-2

2015-08-10 17.10.22-1


One thought on “Stop Light Photography

  1. Rudyard Kipling wrote: If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds full of distance run … yours is the earth and everything that’s in it … I always have a book of poetry with me to fill every unforgiving minute. Creativity comes in many forms. I wish for everyone to find theirs and embrace those special unexpected moments in their day that brings them delight.

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