Only Love

I’ve been an artistic journaler for over ten years. I started when my son was really small. It was a way to get things out of my brain. Random ideas, poetry, feelings, moments I didn’t want to forget, as well as collections of pictures, illustrations, ticket stubs, found objects, etc. My first journal lasted a full year, from January 1 to December 31. I went back and read it a year after I created it and all of a sudden, it was clear! This was my outlet. I learned so much about myself from going back and rereading it after I wasn’t in the moment anymore. Life had happened just as it should have. Over time, I started recording the same complaints over and over. I was stuck in a rut. All my journals were starting to sound the same. I was repeating history left and right. I made lists of what to do differently. I made whole books of what to do differently. I made drastic changes and the same worries still kept popping up. I’m my own worst pessimist.

So I created a journal to set apart from the rest. It would include only love.

A whole journal full of love and positivity. I don’t care about all the negative things I may be experiencing and I certainly don’t want to relive them by reminding myself when I reread it in the future. The only thing that really matters is love. What did I do to love? How did I show love? What love was shown to me? These are the things I want to remind myself of. I wanted to be inspired by these feelings, not the negative ones.

My recommendation to you is to record the stuff that really matters.


One thought on “Only Love

  1. I hope you’re still thinking of writing a book some day. I love seeing & reading the things that come out of your brain and I know that others would too. Super-proud to know you, lady.

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