And So It Begins…

Blogging. Not something I’ve really dabbled with too much. I have tons of ideas in my head all the time and I feel like I need to get them out. Some are shareable, some are not. This is my space to share. Welcome to my head.

Who am I and why would anyone read this?

I am simply an artist. Sometimes a tortured artist. I’m also a mother, a girlfriend, a daughter, and a sister. I’m a humanitarian. I’m a graphic designer. I’m a comedian. Just kidding, that was a joke. I do like puns, though. I sometimes dabble in illustration, collage, package design, photography. I’m a person who likes to create anything. I like bringing ideas and things into the world that didn’t exist before. I like working with my hands.

What will you find here?

My ideas and creations are very widespread and sometimes come way out of the blue. I suggest you check back frequently to see for yourself.


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